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Ukrainian Drama ensemble “Suzirya” at Ukrainian National Federation Edmonton branch. 

About “Suzirya

 Name:Theater «Suzirya» 
Official Name:Ukrainian Drama ensemble “Suzirya” at Ukrainian National Federation Edmonton branch.

Birth year: 2002

Created at: UNF Edmonton

Address: UNF Hall 10629-98 St, Edmonton AB T6H 2N6 Canada

Director:Yanina Vihovska


Mission Statements:

     To support Ukrainian language, culture, traditions through literary evenings, theatrical performances, cultural events and traditional celebrations.

To unite Ukrainian people in Edmonton: newly arrived immigrants, immigrants from the previous waves and Ukrainians who were born outside of Ukraine.

To promote Ukrainian language.


We are getting together for rehearsals every Friday from 6 to 9 pm.

After every major event we are having a little party where we are eating Pizza and watching Video of our performance.

                  “Suzirya” Performances:



2004 Malanka

2005 Malanka

2006 Malanka

2007 Malanka

2008 Malanka

2009 Malanka

2010 Malanka, Івана Купала

2011 Malanka, Виступ під час Днів Спадщини, Вечір творчості Яра Славутича

2012 Malanka Мексикана, На Перші Гулі, Виступ на Шевченківських читаннях, Виступ під час Днів Спадщини, Гуморина.


Social and Charity Events:

2011 —gathering of funds for recording a song based on the Yar Slavytych’s lirics “Ukraine my native land” by a talented Ukrainian bandura player Yaroslav Dzhus


Ethno-cultural projects:

2009 and 2010 Ivana Kupala celebration



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